In 2015, Chris Mosier became the first transgender man to earn a spot on the men's U.S. national team in the sprint duathlon. On Aug. 8, Nike aired an new ad during prime-time Olympic coverage, that provides a glimpse into Mosier's life, the questions he faces, and what motivates him to keep pushing forward.


"I want people, particularly young people, to know it is possible to be their authentic self and continue to play sports. I hope that other athletes can look to me and see a reflection of themselves, whether that's through identity, determination, or their own courage in facing and overcoming challenges." -Chris Mosier

In the video, Mosier tackles the uncertainties he faces as a trans athlete, while continuing to demonstrate how he pushes forward. He points out that even though there are unknowns to tackle in his life daily, you don't let it get in the way of your dreams. 

The ad begins with Chris running down the street, before switching to biking.

'Hey Chris, how'd you know you'd be fast enough to compete against men?' the narrator asks him.
'I didn't!' Chris answers, working hard to race down the road.
'Or strong enough?' the voiceover asks again, to which Chris replies: 'I didn't.'
'Yeah, but how'd you know the team would accept you? Or that you'd even be allowed to compete?'
Chris answers again, quite simply: 'I didn't.' 

It's part of Nike's "Unlimited" campaign, which also features the likes of soccer star Alex Morgan, tennis champion Serena Williams, gymnastics phenom Simone Biles, and others.